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1. Turn off all Circuit Breaker (CB) by pushing the switches downwards. 

2. Connect the Control Cable to the power point. 

3. Unscrew the butterfly nut on the top side of the LMU and connect the earth supply wire. Be sure to firmly re-tighten the nut to ensure no disconnections between the earth lug and earth supply wire. 

4. Have a licensed electrician connect the LMU supply wires to the incoming power supply - using the wire connectors provided.  

Note: When connecting the LMU supply wires, ensure that the incoming power supply wires are of equal or greater size/gauge.

5. Connect all lamps to their respective ballasts, then connect the ballasts to the LMU. Refer to the Lamp Distribution Guide provided in LMU selection guide 

6. Turn on the Main Circuit Breaker (CB-0) by pushing the switch upwards.

7. Turn on all other Circuit Breakers one-by-one

with a 10 second delay between each, by pushing the switches upwards.

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